Neuroscience History

portraitsGalen, Vesalius, Willis, Cajal, Watson, Crick


The broadly based study of brain form and function from the combined views of biology, psychology, philosophy, theory, and medicine can be traced back easily to one of the giants of classical antiquity, Galen of Pergamon, who drew his inspiration from Aristotle

…More to be added in due time to this arbitrary starting point for the rich history of neuroscience.




Here is a list of Larry’s papers related to the history of neuroscience.

Larry’s book, Neuroanatomical terminology: a lexicon of classical origins and historical foundations (2015) has a wealth of historical information with an extensive bibliography.

View a PowerPoint presentation of Larry’s invited History of Neuroscience Lecture at the 39th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Chicago (October 20, 2009).