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A completely online fourth edition is under development. Beta (Preview) versions of individual components will be posted below, and undergo revision, before the final versions (4.0) are released.

You are free to use this information, but please cite “Swanson, L.W. 2015. Brain Maps 4 beta version, accessible at”, and use under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. To edit illustration pdf files open in Adobe Illustrator.


Preface, BM4 Beta 1
Preface, BM3 (2004)
Preface, BM2 (1998)
Preface, BM1 (1992)

1. Introduction

2. Atlas of the Adult Rat Brain 4.0

3. Flatmaps

BM4 Flatmap 4 Beta 3.1 (rat): This is still a beta version, but it is nearing completion. Open in Adobe Illustrator for full functionality.

Human Flatmap 2 Beta 1: Sulci and gyri need revising.


4. Annotated Nomenclature Tables

Annotated Nomenclature Tables: These revised tables use a strictly topographic ordering.

Table A, Vertebrate Nervous System Parts, BM4 Beta 1

Table B, Vertebrate Nervous System Development, BM4 Beta 1

Table C, Rat CNS Gray Matter Regionalization, BM4 Beta 3.1: A work in progress, but the basic logic is solid.

Table D, Rat CNS White Matter Tracts, BM4 Beta 1: A work in progress but nearly complete.

Table E, Rat CNS Surface Features, BM4 Beta 1

Table F, Rat PNS Ganglia, BM4 Beta 1

Table G, Rat PNS Cranial Nerves, BM4 Beta 1

Table H, Rat PNS Spinal Nerves, BM4 Beta 1

Table I, Rat PNS Autonomic Nerves, BM4 Beta 1

Table J, Rat Supporting Structures, BM4 Beta 1


5. List of Abbreviations


6. References