BRAIN MAPS 4.0 (2018): Online open access.

DEVELOPMENTAL BRAIN MAPS (1996): Atlas Levels for download


The Neurome Project:
An online resource for information about the rat Neurome Project currently being developed by Larry Swanson, Joel Hahn, and Olaf Sporns. The website was designed and is maintained by Joel Hahn. It is a convenient source for documented connections in the rat brain, published so far under the Neurome Project, for information about experimental pathway tracing methods used to reveal these connections, and for convenient access to the Brain Maps 4.0 atlas.

Open The Neurome Project


The Mouse Connectome Project:
An online resource for extensive information about the mouse connectome project led by Hong-Wei Dong at the University of Southern California.

Open The Mouse Connectome Project


A prototype “Google Maps for the Brain” website was developed by Ramsay Brown:

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NeuARt II:
This is a website for layering neuroanatomical or functional data over standard atlas levels of brain atlases. Its development began in the late 1990s and is currently on hold, although still under the careful watch of Gully Burns:

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