Brain Maps 1

BM1 front coverFront cover of Brain Maps, first edition (1992)
A complete downloadable version of the definitive third edition is provided on the main Brain Maps page. A downloadable version of the first edition is available here.

CONTENTS OF BRAIN MAPS, 1st EDITION (1992) (oversize format; leaves 44.1×28.7 cm, hard bound)
BM1 Title-page

BM1 Imprint

1, Introductory, BrainMaps1 (1992): Foreword, Table of Contents, Chapter 1 (Overview)

2, On mapping the brain (BM1 1992): What is a map? The rat brain, On nomenclature, How to use the atlas, How the atlas was produced

3, Summary of NS development (BM1 1992)

4, Atlas of the rat brain (BM1 1992)

BM1 (1993) All atlas files: Brain maps, 1st edition, 1992 [files originally supplied on 4 floppy discs in Brain maps: computer graphics files, professional version 1.0, published in 1993] (10.2 MB)

5, Annotated nomenclature tables (BM1 1992)

5A, Basic cell groups (BM1 1992)

5B, Basic fiber systems (BM1 1992)

5C, Gross CNS features (BM1 1992)

5D, Gross PNS features (BM1 1992)

6, List of Abbreviations (BM1 1992

7, References (BM1 1992)

8, Index (BM1 1992)

9, Appendix A (BM1 1992): Nissl staining procedure

10, Appendix B Stereo Coords (BM1 1992): Stereotaxic coordinate grid

BM1 back coverBack cover of Swanson, L.W. (1992) Brain Maps, first edition

Computer graphics files 1993Case for Swanson, L.W. (1993) Brain maps: computer graphics files 1.0

Brain maps-CGF manual (1993): System requirements, Overview, Atlas levels, Plotting data, Stacking drawings, Design of an Atlas drawing, Bilateral drawings, Cropping, Coordinate grids for a drawing, Modifying a drawing, Bibliography

Brain maps-CGF floppys (1993)