Larry is currently in New York, doing a 6-month sabbatical in the Columbia University laboratory of Eric Kandel.

For the results of Larry’s latest phase of the Rat Neurome Project, click here. Completion of The Neurome Project is the main long-term goal of the lab.

The thoroughly updated fourth edition of Brain maps: structure of the adult rat brain was accepted for publication in 2017, 25 years after the first edition appeared. It is completely open access and available online: click here.

The main short-term project Larry’s group is working on now is a formal comparison of cerebral cortical regionalization between rodents and humans. Where do they differ and where do they correspond? What key data are missing to make better comparisons?

A complete defined parts list for the human nervous system at the level of detail visible in MRI scans was recently published. Neuroanatomical terminology: a lexicon of classical origins and historical foundations (New York, Oxford University Press, 2015) 1054 pp.