RCAM Flatmap layersThe rat cortical association connectome with 1,923 connections between 73 regions (Bota, Sporns, & Swanson, PNAS, 2015)


Four aspects of neuroinformatics are especially important for Larry’s research:
(a) Online databases and knowledge management systems (for links to 3 resulting online sites see Resources),
(b) Data acquisition (original and from the literature),
(c) Theoretical network analysis, and
(d) Terminology (defined vocabularies for neural connections and for network analysis).

Larry got interested in neuroinformatics in 1989-1990 as a member of the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on a National Neural Circuitry Database. A spinoff of their work was the NIH Human Brain Project, and Larry was part of a multi-investigator grant spearheaded by Michael Arbib at USC, initially funded in 1994. There were two main stimuli for going in this direction with NIH funding. First was the creation in 1992 of his computer graphics and hardcopy atlas of the rat brain, which also had the first complete, systematic, hierarchically organized nomenclature tables for the mammalian brain (rat). These were indispensable tools for neuroinformatics databases and knowledge management systems (see Resources page). And second, Larry’s lab had generated massive amounts of connectional data in their experimental studies of the brain network controlling motivated and emotional behaviors. The acquisition of this data, and much more since, led to the later application of connectomics and network analysis tools.


Here is a list of relevant publications from Larry’s lab group. The progression of their thinking about this new field is pretty obvious by just reading down through the chronological titles:

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